One of the things that sticks out as I study the Bible in more detail is that God's word is absolute, but our perspective is relative. I want His word to change to fit my circumstances or my life experiences.It's O.K. for God's word to be absolute, until I'm in a tight spot and have to give up something He says is no good for me. 

God has been saying the same thing since the beginning, but we make the mistake of interpreting His words and actions through a lense of brokenness. 

We can't shake off the fact that other people have let us down, lied to us, and even taken advantage of our trust.

When we base "our view" of God on our experiences in a world that Satan rules, we miss the point so easily! 

Imagine using a Spanish -English dictionary to translate the menu at a Japanese restaurant……We might get lucky and match up a few words, but our context will probably be very different than the author's intent. We would end up confused and frustrated. 

Most of us would agree that this is a bad idea.So why do we try to filter God through our worldly brain and then get frustrated when God is not making sense.

God doesn't just make sense, He IS sense.

His word should be the yardstick we use to measure everything we do.

Why are trying to make Him fit into our worldly framework? We need to spend more time building our life around Him instead of trying to fit God into "our world." That's not always easy. Especially if you didn't learn that from day 1. But I promise it's not impossible. 

It's time to stop trying to fit God's plan into my life, and start immersing my life in God's plan.

If God's instructions are not making sense stop trying to force it and take a step back.

Perhaps it's not His message that's confusing, but rather the way we are trying to apply them.

 God doesn't want to be an afterthought we pencil in when we have time.

He wants to be our first thought in the morning and the last thought of the day. We were created to worship Him and rest in His presence. If your plan isn't leading you in that direction then it's time for you to recalibrate. 

Angela head shot signature 4Angela is a wife, mother of five, blogger and the founder of BrokenBeautiful, Bold. She is passionate about sharing her nontraditional faith journey through speaking, blogging, and facilitating small groups. Angela has been a nurse for nearly 15 years and holds a Bachelors of Biblical Studies from Indiana Wesleyan. Her short story "The Turkey Trail" was recently published in the short story collection "Naturally Yours: Stories About Indiana's State Parks and Reservoirs" She also enjoys cooking, gardening, and  exploring the outdoors with her family. Angela is available to speak to groups of any size about Broken Beautiful BOLD or her personal journey contact her at