I need a vacation. 

But what I realized today is that I don't need a vacation from a place, although I probably do.

What I really need is a vacation from real life.  

I need a time where I don't have to worry about the medications and treatments, the doctor's visits and the pulmonary function tests and the bloodwork; when I don't have to worry about where I have to be when and all of the things that I have to get done; when I don't have to think about the people hurting all around me, the scars and hurt in my own life – is there a vacation spot for that?

… No?  I didn't think so.

The closest I've been able to come lately is through Bible study every morning, songs of truth flowing through my headphones and speakers throughout the day, writing devotionals for our women's group, and praise team.  I still have to take all those medications and do all those treatments.  I still have doctor's visits and pulmonary function tests and bloodwork.  I still have to be places on time, my schedule is still full.  My heart is still aching for those around me who are struggling and hurting.  The scars are still healing, the hurt is still there.  

Real life doesn't go away, but I do get a glimpse of what true rest is in Christ.

True rest is a peace that passes all understanding.

True rest is joy even in the toughest of circumstances.

True rest is knowing that the grace of Christ is a gift that I don't deserve.

True rest is knowing and believing that I belong to the God of the Universe, and trusting Him no matter what.

True rest is knowing that He will carry us when we can't take one more step.

True rest is hope.

true rest

I'm not going to get a vacation – from here (at least for a while), or from real life.  Life doesn't stop, whether I want it to or not.  Things still happen that we don't understand.  The dishes still have to be done.  The treatments still have to be done too.  But we can find true rest in the arms of our Father – arms that are reaching down to us, leading us and guiding us, comforting us and strengthening us.  

We were not promised an easy life here on Earth, but we were promised that He will never, ever leave us.  

Every step of the way, He will be there.  He has been there from before the beginning, and knows all that will happen in the days to come.  Trust in Him.  Find your true rest in Him.  

Kristen-headshotKristen Entwistle is a graduate student pursuing her PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology at Michigan State University.  She helps to lead worship at her church on Sunday mornings and leads a women’s Bible study on Saturday mornings.  She was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was three months old, and has seen God work through the ups and downs of life and through her disease.  In response to God's calling, Kristen started All For Him, a ministry seeking to encourage and challenge women of all ages in Christ.  
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