As we go about our daily living, we get caught up in the mundane and the necessary of our lives. You know – start a load of laundry, get breakfast, drive to work, call the insurance company. . . and etc. We have to do the laundry. We have to go to work. We gotta be mom, dad, daughter, and son. Life is full of doing, going and being.  Aren’t you tired from just reading this?

We can live in strife and not even realize it.

One definition of strife is: “heated, often violent conflict or disagreement”. Another definition is: “contention or competition between rivals”. So your strife may not be because you and your spouse got into a knock down drag out. . . Thank God.  But your strife could be the second definition of competing, like competing with your 2 year old to get into the tub, competing with the broken belt on the car. You get the idea. All of that could be considered strife.

What I want to propose to you today is the only scripture that encourages strife.

Hebrews 4:11
“Let us therefore strive to enter that rest.”

Yes, God wants us to rest. He desires, He yearns, He longs for us to enter into His rest. He wants us to compete with the mundane and the necessary to Rest in Him.

Psalm 34:8
“Taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the one who takes refuge IN HIM.”


So, I encourage you today to take time out in the morning, or maybe while your on lunch at work or it could be at night after the 2 year old is in bed. Whenever! Just you make it a priority to take a REST IN HIM. Strive to spend time with Him, to rest in His promises, to take the load off of yourself and just Know that Daddy God has got it all worked out. You just have to compete with life to make Resting in Him a priority. Taste and see that the Lord is Indeed GOOD!

Rhonda head shotRhonda Jenkins is a 42 yr old child of the King, wife to a noble man of God, and mother to 3 Fabulous kiddos. She works full time job as an LPTA in home health giving therapy to our precious Geriatric population. “The thing that gives me life is writing. I enjoy writing to encourage others that they can overcome any obstacle past or present in Christ Jesus”.
In Her Own Words: I am an optimist to the extreme. I wouldn’t only say that the glass is half full but I would add that I’m thankful for the glass and I’m thankful for the liquid that’s in the glass. My God has brought me through so much. I was married to an abusive husband at age 17, divorced at 19 with a one year old son. I moved 800 miles away from all of my family with my son to keep us safe. I married the man of my dreams at age 24. We have 3 children together and have been married almost 18 years. After being married with 3 wonderful kiddos, I went back to school while working a full time job to accomplish my goal to become an LPTA.
My greatest passion is writing. My writing mostly revolves around lessons learned via the Holy Spirit. Recently, I have written a children’s book and am looking for the right publisher to give it Life. Life is so full of opportunity and adventure and writing is my outlet. My desire is that my writing will help others grow in their relationship with God and with their fellow man.
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