violin2Music inspires me. It always has. Today I came across a video that resonated so strongly with me that I have to share it with you!

The song is not new or even new to me. The arrangement is fairly traditional and there are no inspirational words passing across the screen. So why did this video stop me in my tracks?

Check it out here and see what you think-

It starts when a small girl tosses a coin into a hat. A man begins to play alone and while the sound of his instrument is beautiful, it is little more than a pretty song. As the video progresses it becomes clear that there is something beautiful going on. 

Another musician joins the first and then a third and a fourth. What seemingly began as an individual action has been a team effort the entire time. As each musician adds his or her layer to the song, the depth of the piece comes to life. I don't pretend to be a classical music expert and watching this video really helps me soak in the beauty of Beethoven's Ode To Joy.

Around 2:15 you may notice a guy in the green striped shirt wandering slowly towards the musicians. It is difficult to tell if he is a spectator or part of the flash mob. As soon as he raises his arms and begins to conduct

And that's where it inspired me. Over the last few years I have been writing, studying, blogging, praying, seeking mentors, networking, and sometimes blindly searching for God's direction in my life.

Just like the early moments of this video I knew music was playing but I couldn't hear the song. Eventually I figured out the song but could only hear a few instruments. There were no lyrics telling me how God's will was to be expressed through my song, but I could feel the rhythm and the melody.

Then the guy in the green striped shirt became visible and I realized the years of brokenness had created my song. I was able stand in the street seemingly alone and hum a few bars for an audience of one because He had been coaching me for decades. Even as I played the wrong notes and broke a few strings He was there. 

He was also speaking into the hearts of others knowing we would all come together in song like this video does at 3:05. Men and women who I have never spoken to are echoing God.


Then 4:08 happens and I get goose bumps. It is a powerful moment where the message become clear. The layers created by each musician melt into one amazing song that explodes over the audience. The guy in the green striped shirt beams with pride for his beautiful orchestra.

That's how God works. He is always present, shaping, molding, and encouraging us. Sometimes He shows up with thunder and lightening, but usually He is as unassuming as a guy in a green striped shirt encouraging us to stay on tempo. 

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