Today Pastor Ryan’s sermon touched on one of my favorite stories in the New Testament. After the the crucifixion and resurrection, the disciples were in a state of shock. John 20:19-30 tell the story of Jesus appearing to some of the disciples, the disbelief of Thomas, a second visit with Thomas present, and finally Jesus’ invitation to Thomas to view His scars and believe.

There are so many things we can draw out of this passage, but lets focus on three basic parts. 

First, even though the disciples walked with Jesus they still struggled to recognize His miracles.

Secondly, Thomas needed reassurance and Jesus provided it. 

Third, when Thomas saw the proof he accepted the sovereignty and the holiness of Jesus.

These three points are the same major points we see over and over again in the Old and New Testaments. They are the same three major points we see repeatedly in our own lives. Our humanity will always makes us doubt God. We will frequently need reassurance that Jesus is here in our world. When we recognize that He is standing in front of us with His arms outstretched, we will worship Him!

Poor Thomas has taken a beating over the years because of his need for proof! We often think he was the weakest of the surviving disciples because he questioned Jesus.

But, what if the entire point of this passage is to encourage us to be more like Thomas? How different would our world be if we all openly doubted, expressed our need for reassurance, and sought Jesus Himself for the answers? How much would our faith grow if we had the boldness of Thomas?

Sometimes we get to a place in our relationship with God where we’re asking, and asking, and asking for reassurance, but we forget the last important lesson from Doubting Thomas. 

When Jesus called Thomas to explore His wounds and believe, Thomas did something amazing……..He answered the call….

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