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moved into a new home a few months ago and it has helped me realize being a mom
is about choices. I have to choose between decorating a bedroom or organizing
the pantry. I have to choose between unpacking my kitchen and folding the
laundry. I think it’s made more difficult because I’m a bit of a do it yourself
junkie. I have boxes of craft supplies stashed away for the “right
moment.” I know how to garden, preserve food, sew, and I have lots of home
improvement skills. The truth is that there isn’t enough time or money to do a
lot of the activities that would make life beautiful. At least not in the
“perfectly-beautiful-will-go-viral-on-Pintrest” way.

a few stolen snuggles over emptying the sock basket can be beautiful. No
make-up and a messy bun can be beautiful because it gives me five extra minutes
to have breakfast with the kids. Moms have the ability to define beauty for
their family. Something powerful happens when our kids learn that beauty does
not require perfection. We create room for mistakes and understand that messes
don’t equal failure. We give our kids (and husbands) permission to take chances
and try things that may not end well.

accepting our imperfection as a normal part of life we declare that we are beautiful just as we are. God loves us in our messiness and sees our beauty even as we deny it. We have the ability to  release ourselves
from the lifelong struggle for perfection. By creating an imperfectly beautiful family, we choose to nurture a spirit of BOLDness in the next generation. 

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