Sometimes parenting brings us to really strange places. There are days where I identify most with the pioneer women who worked their land while protecting their children from wild animals. Other days I feel like Alice stumbling through a strange land filled with people speaking nonsense and breaking every logical rule I know. Today I may be a little less imaginative, because I see myself in a roll of plain old kitchen plastic wrap. I don’t mean my reflection(because it’s shiny) I am actually connecting on a deeper level with plastic wrap.

Before you haul me off to the funny farm hear me out. This roll of plastic wrap is everything I want to be as a mom and wife. It is strong. It protects its charge from harm and it is completely transparent. It’s not such a crazy connection, is it?

Perhaps the thing I envy the most about plastic wrap is how it changes shape when it is needed the most. It wraps itself around differently shapes dishes in order to support their purpose. Even though it appears to gain strength from the objects it is surrounding, plastic wrap is strongest where it connects with itself. Hmmm, maybe I should ponder that idea for a few moments.

Even our vulnerabilities are similar. I mean really, have you ever seen the mess that’s created when plastic wrap clings only to itself? It’s not bulletproof, but since we know that going in there are no big disappointments when it stretches a little too far or gets bent out of shape. We just brush off the damaged part and stretch out another segment of fresh, hopeful, transparent, life.

Perhaps plastic wrap parenting is the next big thing!

How would you describe your parenting?

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