10891781_1616785841878400_4971327617796282999_nMeet Angela

Angela is an author, speaker, and educator whose mission is to help girls see themselves through Christ’s eyes.  She writes and speaks on topics that girls of all ages need to hear about.  Her books in The Girlfriend Series are about a teenage girl who is trying to navigate being a Christian in an unsaved world.  Recently, she has also begun publishing a free magazine for Christian teenage girls entitled Virtuous Victorious & Valued.  Each issue features issues that are important to teen girls as well as quizzes, celebrating virtuous teens, and articles for moms. Angela is a school administrator in the Atlanta Metro area and is married with two teenage children.

Angela started Write 4 Queenz because she noticed young girls growing up in a culture where they were constantly bombarded with a distorted image of beauty and independence.

Our girls are being told that they need to wear less clothes and lots of make-up to be beautiful. Not true.  They are told they 11204427_1666701396886844_4699382605537259499_nmust be sexually available to have a meaningful relationship.  Not true.  They are being told they have to devalue themselves in order to please someone else.  Not true.  These messages mostly come from the media and because we spend so much time engaged in media, it has a powerful impact on what we think.  Our girls need to hear the truth about themselves. That they are beautifully and wonderfully made by a Father who loves them!  They have to be taught to see themselves not through the eyes of the world, but to see themselves through the lens of Christ.”

Angela’s greatest encouragement in her ministry is when moms and ministry leaders tell her that her books have inspired meaningful conversations with their girls.  When mentors tell her that the workshops she facilitates spark honest conversations about real life issues with their girls, it brings a smile to her face.

As her ministry continues to grow, Angela finds it tough to find effective ways to spread the word about her ministry.  Angela’s vision for her ministry is to help girls see themselves through the lens of Christ, building relationships with them and communicating with them personally.  “I want to use every means available to let them know how valuable they are,” she says.

 My vision is big but my financial resources are currently small.  Marketing is expensive, but I have discovered some creative ways to spread the word about my ministry and the resources I offer.  God has creatively connected me with some amazing people that are pouring into the ministry.  The more people that are connected, the more it will grow and the more lives it will touch.”


Angela’s Advice To You

10696201_1672044573019193_8363247361323245740_n“Stay in close and constant contact with God, so you will know what success for your ministry looks like.   It’s so easy to be in a hurry to get to what we envision as a successful ministry.  Of course I would be ecstatic if millions of people read my books, subscribed to my magazine, and came to my workshops, but I remind myself that that may not be the plan. The goal is to spread the message that God has given us, whether it’s to one or one million.  Every person counts.  Unlike Twitter and Facebook, the goal is not to get people to follow me, but to follow God.”

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Kristen Entwistle is the blog manager for Broken Beautiful BOLD and is a graduate student pursuing her PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology at Michigan State University. She helps to lead worship at her church on Sunday mornings and leads a women’s Bible study on Saturday mornings. She was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was three months old, and has seen God work through the ups and downs of life and through her disease. In response to God’s calling, Kristen started All For Him, a ministry seeking to encourage and challenge women of all ages in Christ with FREE Bible studies offered throughout the year.
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