Earlier this week in the BOLD Women in Ministry group we were talking about how to juggle God’s call AND all the other responsibilities of life. God is telling me many of you need to hear this discussion because you’re feeling overwhelmed!

First of all you’re not alone!

I hear this constantly from women in ministry AND I have said it at least million times myself! Feeling overwhelmed isn’t a weakness or sin. Often it means you are in a transitional stage where life is changing and you’re sensing the conflict between the old and the new.
The key to resolving that conflict, is to give yourself permission to do what you can with what the resources you have right now.
The honest truth is I could grow my ministry faster if my kids weren’t home. my kids could have more of my attention if I wasn’t leading a ministry, and my house could look so much better if I wasn’t in Seminary.

But here’s the thing-God has called me to build a ministry, have a big family, and go to Seminary. So He must know there’s a healthy balancing place and I’ll likely find it centered around His plan for me.

There are lots of tips to help you get organized that will make your life a little less hectic, like cutting back on TV watching, getting a good organizer, doubling meals and freezing the extra one, etc but you’ve got be OK with letting non-urgent things slide if God is directing your attention towards something else!

Remember ministry is a process and you’ll continue to change and grow as your ministry changes and grows.

When God calls you to move towards Him, you have to move away from where you’re at right now. Often times we picture spiritual growth as a road. To move forward (to grow) you simply put one foot in front of the other. Whether you’re running, walking, or crawling, you just keep pushing forward. From my experience it’s more like monkey bars.

The only way to reach the bar God is putting in front of you, is to let go of the one behind you.

It doesn’t seem too difficult until you realize this shift will leave you dangling by one hand! But the longer you hang on to the bar behind you, the more weary you grow.My best advice to move past this overstretched position is to carve out some quiet time to ask God what you can let go of and then do it! You may be surprised how much momentum you pick up when you let go of a bar that’s holding you back!

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