We have a tendency to think in terms of fairness.  Well, I do anyway.  Why does she get a husband but not me?  Why is he so successful?  Why can't my dreams come true like everyone else's?  

But this Easter weekend, I'm reminded again that Jesus didn't suffer and die so I could have a fair life.  He didn't take on the sin of all humanity in order to make me happy.  His sacrifice was so I wouldn't, in fact, get what I deserve.  

King David wrote in Psalm 103:

He will not always strive with us,

Nor will He keep His anger forever.  

He has not dealt with us according to our sins,

Nor punished us according to our iniquities.

I spend so much time being caught up in my needs and wants, completely forgetting to fall on my knees in gratitude.  But I realize that's like saying, "What you did on the cross wasn't enough, Jesus.  I want more.  Your sacrifice gave me eternal life, sure, but what about this other stuff?  What about my husband, my big house, my great job?  When are you going to see to that?"

The fact is, God doesn't deal in fairness but in holiness.  My life exists for HIs gory, no my happiness.  If my singleness brings honor to Him, then I should strive to excel in the life He's given me and find my contentment there.  Not in anything I feel I deserve.  

Here's the amazing thing:  God understands us.  He doesn't condemn us for our selfishness, but lovingly and graciously gives us time to learn and grow.  Yes, he addresses our sins and tells us to fear Him and change…yet I find so many Scriptures that offer us hope, even in our self-centered me-ness.

Psalm 103 continues:

For as the heavens are high above the earth, 

So great is His mercy toward those who fear Him;

As far as the East is from the West,

So far has He removed our transgressions from us.  

David continues by reminding us that our days are short.  Our lives are made meaningful only in our relationship and service to God.  Not in any earthly thing we think we might deserve.  

Because the truth is, we don't want what we deserve.  

Father, help me remember that ach day of my life is a gift.  Remind me of your mercy throughout the year.  your forgiveness and grace are beyond comprehension, and I am enamored of You.  Thank you for Your sacrifice.  May my life be a continuous expression of Your love so others may see You in me.  Amen.

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