As I write this, much of the country is being buried under massive amounts of snow.  A text from my sister today said the snow at their house was getting to the point of being unmanageable.  They’d been out multiple times during the day clearing walkways and their long driveway.  The snow is currently piled high in their yard.  Piles that reach almost to the waist of her 6’2 husband certainly do seem overkill.

Granted, we aren’t getting as much snow here, but when it snowed for most of the afternoon on Saturday, Dad commented that at least it was keeping the grass nice and green.  A little moisture is a good thing in our dry, high desert landscape. 

Christians know a little spiritual moisture is needed to fuel the green growth of renewal in our lives.  We know revival often comes as the result of rains an snows in our lives.  It’s a given that the hard times often provide the water that is so important to our faith.

Too often, though, instead of the wet, snow that sinks quickly into the earth, we get slammed with a storm that dumps snow upon snow in our life.  It piles up all around us and threatens to bury us.  We throw our hands up and exclaim, “Enough already.”

Come spring, the area my sister lives in will be green and lush.  The snow will have melted away and new life will once again cover the area in beauty.  The same is true in our spiritual lives.

So, if you’re in an area getting lots of snow, hang in there, spring is coming.  And if you’re in a spiritual snowstorm right now, remember that God knows right where you are ahd He will bring beauty from this time. 


See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?  I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

Isaiah 43:19

Sharyn-headshotFor most of her life, Sharyn Kopf had a dream: to write sweet little romances or exciting adventures of the heart. Of course, each would be inspired by her own glorious love story! And yet decades skipped by without a romance of her own. She rarely dated. No one kissed her or even held her hand. Turning 40 seemed to not only kill her dreams of marriage and family, but those of being a novelist as well.
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