A couple years ago, I attended a class on prayer-writing. I enjoyed the mental exercise, and it offered a much-needed release, anytime my emotions threatened to overwhelm me. Then, I discovered that God has blessed me with a gift for expressing universal emotions in prayer.

So, that's what I'll be doing here. I'll take my inspiration from the news, or my life, or your life. (Seriously, message me with your ideas for prayers you'd like to see, or you think we need to pray as a group.) Let's find out what God does in response to the prayers of a whole bunch of broken, beautiful, BOLD women, all requesting the same thing.

Okay, on to this week's prayer!

The death of Robin Williams has left me with a sore little spot on my heart…kind of like a bruise. It hurts that a man who did so much to bring hope, comfort, cheer to others apparently felt such a lack of comfort and cheer, such an absence of hope, that life no longer seemed "do-able".

And I find myself asking, "Where were the believers in his life? I know the entertainment industry can be pretty Godless, but was there no one? Nobody to be the hands, the feet, the heart of Jesus? Did they not see? Not care? Or simply not know what to say, what to do?"

Now, I find myself asking God to help me not miss the opportunities he has given me to reach out to the hurting people He has placed in my life. Won't you join me?


Papa Healer,
My friend is hurting so.
It seems hard
To face such intense pain, sickness, sorrow.
It seems harder still—
To stand by,
To feel helpless,
While someone I love so deeply
Suffers so deeply.
I want to do…
…Something like You did.
With a touch,
Burn all disease from my friend's body.
With a word,
Tear out every microbe, toxin, cancer cell.
With the force of my faith,
Cast every wound,
Every sorrow,
Every loss,
Into the Pit from whence it came.


Guide my eyes to see,
My lips to pray,
My hands to serve,
My arms to hold,
My feet to go,
My heart to love,
In ways my friend most needs.
Let me be as one of the faithful ones
Who carried the paralyzed man to You.
Grant that my faith be enough for my friend's healing.

Papa Healer,
I "open the roof"
And bring my friend to You.
Open the heavens,
And bring Your healing touch
To my friend.

marcia headshotAs a child, Marcia Gunnett Woodard was an avid reader, often disappearing into a book for days at a time. By her late teen years she realized that she wanted to be able to use words to weave a spell that drew the reader into the story, like her favorite authors did. Since then, she has enjoyed trying her hand at a variety of writing forms, including fiction, poetry, and theatre scripts.

Although she still lives less than 100 miles from her birthplace, she has traveled internationally and has shared her thoughts with groups as near as a local university and as far away as Vladimir, Russia.

When she isn't writing, she enjoys camping, traveling, sewing, playing word games, and surrounding herself with family (her husband and their children and grandchildren) and friends (both real and imaginary).

Marcia firmly believes in the power of story. Since learning that the words parable and parabola have the same origins, she considers her writing to be a catapult, using the parabolic arc of story to launch projectiles of truth into walled-off hearts and barricaded minds.

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