I can’t believe it has already been a week since we started making changes. Just to recap, our goals for the week were to start incorporating healthier breakfasts, update our family schedule, identifying support team, and documenting our baselines. 

Are you curious to see how have we been doing? Let’s jump right in!

First, we have been doing great on our breakfasts. We have been making smoothies with fresh and frozen fruits, ice, and Greek yogurt almost every day! The younger kids love it and the grown ups have noticed a difference in energy and hunger levels. Gary (who rarely ate breakfast) has also noticed the added energy and commented that he is more clear headed in the mornings. Also I have only had 1 cup of coffee this week instead of 1-2 per day! Whoo Hooo for little victories!
Second, our schedule has been updated and is ready to be printed out. We are planning a family meeting tonight to review the updated schedule and chore charts. Once everyone approves it will be printed and posted!

Third, we have had some wonderful friends offering their support and you will get to meet some of them soon. I am still looking for lots of advice on cleaner eating, exercise, and emotional health so please contact me if you can help!

The final goal was the hardest! I get a little hung up on measuring progress. Every time I have worked on bettering my health I have taken measurements, created a weight chart, and taken horribly embarrassing “before” pictures. Typically a few weeks into the process I get frustrated when the numbers are not going my way. Then I quit doing the things I am supposed to do!

Because this journey is about feeling better overall, I won’t be measuring success in inches and pounds. I am not going to obsess over my weight or body measurements because I know that brings me more stress! Currently we are exploring a few options for journaling to help me focus on the bigger picture. I also have some recently taken photos that will show my starting point. I have written down my my clothing sizes, how many(actually how few) minutes I was able to do on the elliptical, and how pitiful my skin felt and looked before we started. It shouldn’t be too difficult to recognize my progress if I am really being honest with myself!

Even with the food cravings and extra coaching it took to reshape some behaviors I am  declaring week one a huge success! We are looking forward to taking that momentum into the next week. Goals for week two include following our updated family schedule, adding veggies to our smoothies/juices, continuing to clear out the overly processed food we already own, and implementing a tracking system.

Now it is time for you to join the support team and make a difference in our family. Comment below and let us know what works for you!

Goal 1-Following Our Updated Family Schedule
Do you use a family schedule? How do you help each other stay accountable?

Goal 2-Adding Veggies to Our Smoothies/Juices
Do you juice? What veggie fruit combos do you love? What are the most nutritious veggies to use?

Goal 3-Clearing Out Over Processed Foods
What healthier options have you found for the junk foods you love? Are

Goal 4-Tracking food, exercise, triggers, and mental health
What systems are you using to track your physical and emotional health? Do you use pen and paper or journal electronically?

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Thanks for walking this road with us and don’t forget to love yourself today! 


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