Our first few days of this journey are going pretty well. We are working on updated schedules, menus, and creating tangible ways to treat ourselves better. The mood around our house has been pretty upbeat in spite of the massive amount of tasks on our To-Do lists. 

The most difficult obstacle I have run into so far is me! Actually to be more specific the problem is with my brain and taste buds. The rest of my body is welcoming the return to healthier breakfasts. We have been making beautiful smoothies in the morning to give our fresh fruit intake a big boost but my brain is trying to convince my taste buds that they will not taste good. 
All these years of leaning heavily on overprocessed, oversalted, fatty foods has reprogrammed my taste buds. It is crazy to think that I am repulsed by something as natural as fresh fruits and juices! Although I’m not craving the bad foods yet I am struggling to enjoy the good ones. There is a good possibility that food cravings and other physical symptoms of withdrawal are right around the corner. While I am not looking forward to feeling crummy, I know it has to be done so that I can get on the other side! Spring is coming and I want to be healthy enough to work in the garden so i am pushing through the awkwardness of creating new habits!
Yesterday I chose to adapt my plan a little instead of giving up. I discovered orange juice is very appealing right now, so I am adding more juice than the whole fruit. I’m also making my smoothies a little thinner with less(or no) Greek Yogurt in hopes my brain will fight me less. Lastly, I’m still having toast or an egg or something with texture until my body can figure out how filling a smoothie is. 
Today I  it worked! I finished my Orange Banana Smoothie and it tasted pretty good! Here’s the super simple recipe:
Beginner’s Orange Banana Smoothie
1 TBS Greek Yogurt
1 Very Ripe Banana
1 Cup Orange Juice
1 TSP Flax Seeds
2 Ice Cubes

Place the banana, yogurt, and flaxseed in your smoothie maker and add enough orange juice to fill the container halfway. Mix well, then add your ice cubes and mix again! I find that it helps to give the cup a good shake about halfway through to prevent clumps of fruit(unless you prefer it that way.)
Perhaps the most encouraging part of my unexpected problem has been creating a solution. Instead of giving up or forcing myself to keep doing something that was not working, I gave myself permission to find something that would work. What a huge victory for this all or nothing girl! 
So this Valentine’s Day I am celebrating a wonderful little victory and a loving supportive family. What are you celebrating? Sound off in the comments or on FaceBook. I would love to hear from you today! 
Don’t Forget To Love Yourself Today!

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