This past week my church had a Revival called Revive. I saw so many things with my own eyes that can only be described as miracles. Canes were thrown down at the altar, deaf ears were opened, and arthritis healed. The Bible says that miracles, signs, and wonders shall follow those who believe.

My faith increased and I asked myself a very hard question,
“Why don’t these signs follow more believers every single day?”

You see, I am not just a believer at church. I believe in Jesus Christ everywhere I go, so why aren’t these miracles, signs, and wonders following me outside of the church house? Don’t get me wrong, every now and then, something miraculous will happen, but I believe God can do so much more than the level I keep Him at in my life.

Healing is an incredible personal subject for me. I know some don’t believe God still heals, but I do! He is the same today, yesterday, and forever. I was born crippled. Doctors said I would never run, never walk normally, and would have to wear special leg braces for the rest of my life. But today I stand, walk, and run as a completely healed woman! So what happened? A miracle! My mother prayed over my feet and legs, believed I would be made whole, and God healed me. How can I not believe? If He did it for me, if He did it for the people at Revive, can He not do it for you?

Recently, I was at a crowded theme park and as we were walking to stand in a ridiculously long line, a girl past us. My mother leaned in and said to me, “You know that is how you would walk if God had not healed you.” My heart was overjoyed with what God had done. I thought wow, God is good! Then she said something that made my heart plummet to the depths of my soul. She said, “God can heal her too. It’s not enough to be healed; we must now also lay hands on the sick and watch them recover as well. God’s healing power should not be kept to yourself.”

I wish I could tell you I chased after the girl, laid hands on her in Jesus name and watched as God healed her, but that’s not what happened. I had to process the truth and take a long, hard look at my faith.

What if I pray and they aren’t healed.
What if they laugh at me?
What if…What if… What if…

I, like many believers, have to put fear, doubt, and pride behind me. Less of me and more of Him. What if every Christian spread the good news of Jesus Christ outside the safety of the four walls of church like we were meant to? How many would be saved, healed, and delivered?

Acts 3: 6-7 : But Peter said, “I do not possess silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you: In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene– walk!” 7And seizing him by the right hand, he raised him up; and immediately his feet and his ankles were strengthened…”

You may not have silver or gold,
but what you do have is much greater than that!
You have Jesus. Give Jesus!

As I write this, my eyes fill with tears and my heart hammers in my chest. If you need healing, God is able. And if you are like me and need to step out in faith more, know that I am praying, right now, for the courage we need to do what God has called all of us to do.


Mark 16:18 “…they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

In hospital rooms, in grocery stores, in the privacy of your own home…God is THE Healer!

I pray that we grow together in boldness and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ like wildfire. Be a radical believer! Be revived and just believe!

mandyMandy Fender is a wife, mother, youth pastor, and women’s pastor who loves to share the good news of Jesus Christ. When she is not writing and spinning tales, she is spending time with her family and church family. She’s a book lover, animal lover, and most importantly a Jesus lover. She lives in the great state of Texas with her family and mean-mugging bulldog Ziggy Zoo. Current books she has authored are Beautifully Broken, Pretty Little Truths, and Defier: The Girl Who Stood.

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