Author: Vetta Cash

Help! I want to quit! Handling The Urge To Give Up

Keep going! You can do it!  Reach for the stars!  You’ve heard these phrases and other words that offer hope, and encouragement to keep moving forward.  However,  let’s be honest, every woman has had at least one moment in her life when she flat out wants to quit, even in the mist of  all of the positive vibes and inspirational quotes.   I don’t mean she wants to take a small break or vacation but she literally wants to throw the towel into a fire pit, burn it, walk away, and never look back again.  Here’s the question:  What do you do when you have a persistently overwhelming desire to give up? Contrary to popular belief, the desire to quit is neither good nor bad.  It is simply an indicator that you need to determine if what you’ve been doing is still the right thing for you now.   An underpaid mother, for example, may develop a desire to quit her current job so she can move on to something better.  A business owner might consider closing her doors because she is in debt.  An athlete may be tired of running the same drills.  Who would argue with their decision to quit?  Would it be wrong? The proper response to the desire to quit is to analyze your current situation. The analysis process will provide you with clarity and also determine...

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Dress Up Your Mind – Maintain a Personal Library

  Have you ever gotten dressed, looked in the mirror and determined you need to change your outfit?  The first outfit may be fine but it just doesn’t reflect the statement you desire to make at the time. You change your clothes and experiment with jewelry until you achieve the best look for the occasion.  Finally, you leave the mirror with confidence, knowing that you look good.  Having resources in your closet provides you with options to achieve your desired goal.  Let’s apply this principle to your intellectual growth:  options are a major key to achieving your goals.  Building a personal library of intellectual resources develops the options you need to reach your goals and become the best you. Much like a closet houses your clothing options, a personal intellectual library houses your informational options.  When I use the term “intellectual library” I am referring to your personal collection of non-fiction books and resources.  Fictional books are primarily for your leisure and entertainment, however, non-fiction resources are teaching tools you that expand your knowledge base, increase your level of expertise, and improve your perspective on your world.  Unlike shoes and handbags (and I love shoes and handbags) that make you look better, building a personal library is an investment that makes YOU better. According to Proverbs 4 (and much of the book of Proverbs) we should all engage in a purposeful pursuit of Godly wisdom and understanding. The...

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