Author: Sharyn Kopf


No matter how hard I try to prepare myself for disappointment, I can never quite make it. The hopeful romantic dreamer in me always believes the guy will love her back, she won't lose her job, the editor will say yes, and everything will work out in the end. Which means that no matter what I do to be ready for the worst, I am never truly prepared and the bad news devastates my heart. A few weeks ago, while vacationing in Colorado, I attended church with friends and the pastor spoke about brokenness. Two things that stood out for me were that 1. situational brokenness is universal and, 2. it's about the questions, not the answers. Everyone experiences heartbreak. Mine just happens to center, for the most part, around my childless singleness. But I am one of millions. I know many of these hurting women. Some are my dearest friends; others are strangers, yet, when I look in their eyes, I see the same ache I feel. Since it's such a heart-shaped pain, though, we tend to think we're all alone. Surely no one understands. Ah, but they do. And we can find comfort in that, while remembering the comfort we receive needs to be horizontal as we reach out to and encourage each other. Then, of course, there are the questions. Every devastating disappointment leads back to...

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Broken…or Lonely

Sharyn Kopf is a featured speaker at Broken Beautiful BOLD Live May 10 in Marion, Indiana. Click here to purchase your tickets.                                                                                                 Image courtesy of fotographic1980/ Earlier this week I chatted with two new friends about the single life. One mentioned she’d only been on her own a few years while the other had now been single for almost 17. I raised my hand. “Fifty years for me.” The most-recently divorced friend asked, “How do you handle it? I get so lonely.” “Well,” I replied, “eventually you just get used to it.” That’s not to say I never feel the loneliness. The ache. But I learned how to deal with it, a day at a time, until that moment I realized it wasn’t so bad anymore. Eating meals alone is just what I do. Driving alone gives me time to think or sing really loud to cheesy 80s music, like ABBA or REO or Air Supply. I’ve even been known to celebrate small successes alone. (This usually involves ice cream.) In fact, I’m at a place now where I actually look forward to being alone. This would all be great if not for the fact that I know there’s a lot more going on here than me finally learning how to be content. No, this is about me doing what I’ve always tried to do: protect my heart. And there’s...

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