Author: Malinda Koonce

Many Names of Mom

Mother, Mom, Momma, Mama, Mommy, Mum the different names of a woman cherished and held with such high regard in our lives. This woman, whether she is your biological mother, adopted mother, or even grandmother, this woman has strength and dignity that you can count on every day of your life. Some people have other women to fill this place, a stepmother, mother in law, an aunt, and even friends can be as close to a mom as your own, and we cherish them all. As a mother myself, I feel so blessed to be chosen to watch over...

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Only One

What do you think of when you hear the word PEACE? Do you think of a nice, quiet place to sit and read a book? How about a time of no war or fighting? When I hear peace, I immediately think of God’s presence and what He can bring to my life if I just let things go and let Him take over. When life gets hard, you don’t get the job you prayed for, your marriage falls apart, your child dies, and even the little things, you lose a job, there’s no money to pay bills or buy...

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