Author: Mary Wilkinson

Helpful Tips for the Sandwich Generation

In Part 1 of Surviving the Sandwich Generation, I told you how I got “sandwiched.” I talked about babysitting my grandchildren and bringing my mother-in-law into our home. It may have sounded so easy; just make your house handicapped accessible and everything will just fall into place. Unfortunately, those were just the beginning steps. They were steps anyone who is caring for a parent in their home should do; make things handicap accessible because even though your parent may be walking around just fine now, life changes rather quickly. Here are some helpful tips to make the transition easier....

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Surviving the Holidays in the Sandwich Generation

  When you are smack dab in the middle of caring for grandchildren and your elderly parents, holidays can seem a little scary and full of questions. Who do you include in the holiday meals beside your children and grandchildren when all of your siblings and their children want to see their Great Grandma now that she lives with you? How do you fit everyone around the table? How do you afford all of that food? How do you entertain when Great Grandma is all worn out and asleep in her chair by 1:30 pm? I hope this post...

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Surviving the Sandwich Generation

Part 1 When Do You Become Sandwiched?   Being a part of the “Sandwich Generation” creeps up on you slowly. Maybe your kids are self-sufficient and your parents are doing fine on their own. You may have a few wonderful years as “empty-nesters” before your official name category changes. During this time, you should get to know your husband again. After raising the kids, we sometimes forget to be husband and wife instead of Mom and Dad. What were all those wonderful things that drew you to your husband in the first place? Look for and appreciate those reasons...

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