Author: Mary Wilkinson

Time to Check Out My Own Actions and Attitudes

“Do all things as unto the Lord” is part of a verse that is common to all of us, and we think we are doing a good job of it; myself included. But then I thought, if I am not doing things as unto the Lord, how would I be doing them? The answer is that I would be doing things as “unto me.” What would that look like in my life? Remember those little bracelets we used to wear that said, “WWJD” (What would Jesus do?) Jesus never went against His Father’s will. If we do things as...

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Me, A Leader?

I am basically an introvert. I don’t like to be in charge of anything. Me ever becoming a leader was laughable. When I was young, I hung around my mother’s legs and didn’t want to leave her. She said I cried a lot and was often sick because I was so nervous and didn’t want to be left alone. I had an older sister who was very outgoing and she was my best friend. We were only 11 months apart so we entered first grade together. She was the outgoing one. She had tons of friends. I was too...

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Crazy Boldness in Serving Christ

In reflecting on who I knew who had “Crazy Boldness,” the first person who came to mind was Willard Walls, the minister who baptized me into Christ. Will was my Campus Minister at the Christian Student Foundation, or Campus House as we called it, where I attended as a brand new born again Christian. I was attending Ball State University when I found Jesus my freshman year and started attending Campus House. This was at the beginning of the “Jesus Movement” of the 1970’s and the college students who attended Campus Houses all over Indiana were dedicated in their...

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What Will You Do With Your Life?

I’ve said this before, but I love telling that I grew up in a family of 13 children. I was the second oldest. My older sister, Sherry, and I started school together because she missed the cutoff date due to her November birthday. We were only 11 months apart, so she started school with me the next year. We were the first to go to school and the first to graduate. Sherry did not want to go to college. She found a job doing secretarial work for the FBI. That was a first for our whole family! My first...

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Not Just in Our Worlds, But in our Hearts

When we moved into our new house over 25 years ago, there were no trees or bushes on our property. We basically built in a cornfield that had just been harvested. The house was great and exceeded our expectations, but it looked a little bare from the outside. My husband went right to work planting grass seed everywhere. In the years that followed, he planted trees out in the front and back yards. Still, there was no landscaping up by the house. There were always other projects that needed our ready cash. We just mowed the grass and enjoyed...

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